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Why the EcoChamber

EcoChamber aims to help others take simple but powerful steps towards adopting healthier practices for our planet and lives. Every individual has tremendous power to make a difference and by more and more people taking part in helping our world, together we can enact real change for the better. 


The EcoChamber also works to aid everyday people in adopting sustainable practices with the goal of creating a larger cumulative environmental benefit.


Don’t take our word for it, listen to one of our founding members, Keith Winn, CEO of Green Profit Solutions.


How does an online organization such as the EcoChamber actually bring about positive change in environmental and social awareness? I am sure some of you visited this website and then asked yourself the very same question. With the growth of the “green” movement online, it appears that most everybody is on board with sustainability. Surveys continue to report that businesses and consumers alike are taking steps to embrace more sustainable practices. Judging from the sheer number of “green” websites and bloggers, the problem of climate change seems to have been addressed. And then you step outside.


In the real world, while consumers surveyed are all for sustainability, many simply do not know what to do nor where to start. Governments are solidly behind the movement to sustainability, but unfortunately, lack the necessary dollars to implement any real change. While many Fortune 500 companies have made serious strides towards sustainability, others are still out there investing dollars in greenwashing, instead of making actual improvements. Small to medium size businesses, experiencing difficult economic times, are simply utilizing their resources to try to stay afloat. Unlike the online image, true sustainability has a long way to go.


This brings me back to the EcoChamber. Having been a member since its inception, I have always been impressed by the amount of knowledge, talent, and dedication in the staff as well as their member contributors. So much so, I have made valuable contacts with similar interests and passions which have led to our company working on several large projects with sports arenas, private schools, and even local governments. Besides the potential financial rewards and environmental improvements, each of these projects represents an educational opportunity wherein people can actually see and experience the effects. Yes, it starts with People.


People, Planet and Profits, or better yet, Prosperity. Regardless of which way you look at it, true sustainability starts with People. From those concerned about the treatment of indigenous tribes in emerging nations, to those who work closely with charitable organizations in our own “civilized” countries, assisting and volunteering their time to those who no longer can help themselves. Our Planet benefits, as we all share and learn about environmental stewardship.


In the end, and according to the Triple Bottom Line, this begets global Profit or Prosperity.Climate change is a massive issue, and most of us have limited influence on a solution. Politics aside, if we follow the examples shown to us by the folks at and involved with the EcoChamber, and each of us works diligently for the benefit of our communities, we can create living examples of harmony with ourselves and nature, which can be duplicated across the globe.


Sounds a bit like Woodstock…except without all of the trash.


Keith Winn is vice president of marketing and chief operating officer of GreenProfit Solutions Inc., a Ft. Lauderdale based sustainability consulting, certification and contracting firm.


You may visit their website at or contact him directly at 800-358-2901