Tsunami in the Pacific, Earthquake in Japan, Avalanches in the Alps and floods in the Philippines - what do all these climatic catastrophes have in common? According to the Natural Hazards and Earth System (NHES), the world is suffering due to climatic change.


Besides their ease of use and time saving benefits, digital menu boards are quickly gaining popularity in the hospitality industry thanks to their many other advantages and benefits over the previously common printed paper menus. A majority of restaurants that want to...

U.S. smart cities are using emerging technologies to extend limited budgets, to increase adoption of new digital solutions and to encourage residents to recycle and reduce emissions. Here are three cities that are taking the lead in environmental conservation and cost...

We have heard most of it before – we need to control our actions to save the planet, and mitigate our effects to the environment. Increases in ambient temperatures leading to rises in sea levels and ultimately climatic changes are nothing if not proof that without a d...

The words sustainable and road trip aren't often used in the same sentence. Being conscious of the effect your actions have on the environment is the first step to being sustainable. A little planning can make all the difference between a sustainable roadtrip and a ras...

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