UPDATE: Tesla drops prices - learn more here

By now, most people know the many benefits of having an electric car or even a Tesla specifically. But this YouTube reviewer took it to the next level by testing the new Tesla Model Y in -20 degree weather in Alaska. 

The impr...

It isn’t all that long ago since electric cars were still a niche product, but over the last 3-4 years they have become a very common sight on our roads, with more than two million worldwide. China and the USA dominates the global electric car market, with just over 60...

Electric cars are in rage now, and a surge has been noticed in the use of these cars in the last four years. These cars emit nominal greenhouse gases, in comparison to the conventional ones. Even you can save a considerable amount of money on fuel and maintenance of th...

Going electric makes sense in so many ways. From saving money at the pump to getting an immediate return on investment via EV tax credits, owners of zero-emissions vehicles benefit from huge short- and long-term savings. In the Nissan infographic above, you'll get deta...

To cut down the effect of pollution and reduce the carbon footprint, automobile manufacturers are now focusing on eco-friendly vehicles. These cars help to protect the ozone later of the atmosphere and in a way safeguard the living beings. A number of factors contribut...

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