Effective ideas for an eco-friendly shed or storage house

Recycling and reusing is the need of the hour. Almost everything that we have around us can either be reused, or be made out of recycled products. To make an eco-shed or a storage house, you would need many earth-friendly materials. A combination of recycled products and these materials will create the structure of an ideal eco-friendly shed/storage house.

Avoid concrete during the construction of this house since concrete isn’t an eco-friendly element. It creates many air pollutants like nitrous oxide and sulphur oxide. Hence the base should always be something that has a lighter impact on our environment. Problems that could occur is moss and weeds growing near the shed’s base, for which, you can use recycled weedblock which is easily available at any store which stores garden tools and necessary elements. This is made out of plastic bottles that have been recycled. For the flooring, you can choose instant base or tiles that interlock. These are again made out of recyclable polypropylene and it can be used easily by any individual. These kits come with information booklet which you can follow. Make sure you follow the steps carefully to avoid any cavities, leakage, or drainage. If you are still left with some cavities by the end of it, then a recycled aggregate can help fill it up.

Next comes an eco-friendly roof. To build an eco-friendly roof with perfection is very important. This green roof should be able to protect the inside from extreme temperatures, bear frequent climate and temperature changes, yet should be able to maintain a room temperature. Sedum is a solution which is drought resistant and much strong. You can even use second hand or recycled timber for a solid ceiling structure. These can be easily sourced, even online. While preserving this timber, you need to make sure to keep it dry. Use eco friendly products that are available in the market to preserve the timber. If you do use sedum then by adding a canopy you can be rest assured that your eco shed can handle the entire weight of sedum roof with ease.

Generally green roofs are heavy, in comparison to a normal shed. To ensure that the additional weight doesn’t pose a problem, a canopy would be one of the best methods. Your main supports should be very strong since a green roof can shift sometimes and sometimes even break windows and glasses. If your pillar supports are strong, then you can easily avoid this problem and not be worried about going green with your shed. You would also need a platform for the sedum. Heavy duty plywood should do the work. Again, use of recycled product is the key.

To avoid sedum from getting wet or waterlogged. Separate your timber roof from any water retention mat of the sedum. If you are planning to build a sloping roof then you would need carpet tiles that are laid over water retention mats. Even if you must choose a flat roof, then you would need special drainage mats. To hold the sedum in place around the open edge of the roof, chicken wire is a good option.

Some people even splurge to create a shed for their animals on their own. There are several horse barn kits from APB Barns that easily help one in creating a shed without any external help with ease. Horse barn kits from APB Barns simplify things for people who setup horse barns in outskirts of the city, and pay a lot of labour charges. If you wish to build an eco shed for your farm animals, then also there are a variety of eco friendly options. Although you would need to be extra careful of what materials you use. It shouldn’t harm the health of the animals in the long run. Some materials become an attractive nest for insects, hence do your R&D about these materials thoroughly.

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