Choose An Eco-Friendly Car And Reduce The Effect Of Carbon Footprint On The Environment

To cut down the effect of pollution and reduce the carbon footprint, automobile manufacturers are now focusing on eco-friendly vehicles. These cars help to protect the ozone later of the atmosphere and in a way safeguard the living beings. A number of factors contribute to refer a car as an eco-friendly one. These are the components the car is made of, fuel efficiency and its manufacturing process. The carbon dioxide emission from the car is considered to be a major reason for air pollution, but the fuel used in the eco ones are not petroleum based, rather they use the natural resources for fuel and do not emit these gases. Health of the human beings, as well as the nature, is affected by these emissions.

Emits less greenhouse gasses

Emissions from the conventional cars contribute to the greenhouse effect which leads to extreme weather conditions in different parts of the world. Icecaps melt in the Polar Regions, the shoreline and beaches also erode due to these greenhouse gases. On the other hand, emissions from the eco-friendly cars do not have any effect on the environment and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect or global warming. Users of these cars can also save a considerable amount of money on fuel, as in these cars the rate of combustion is less than that of the conventional cars. There are also tax benefits on these cars as the government provides different incentives to the owners of these cars. These fuels are extracted from limited resources, and you can be free of worry regarding the availability of the fuel.

Categories of eco-friendly cars

Over the years, to safeguard the nature, a number of initiatives have been undertaken by the automobile industry. One such is dismantling of old cars and recycling different parts, which are also known as cash for cars. This is considered to have a good effect on the environment, as well as preservation of natural resources. Thus, if you have an old car, then you can go for this option and contribute your bit to the nature. The eco-friendly cars can be broadly categorized as hybrid cars, biodiesel cars, ethanol cars and cars that use natural gas. In hybrid cars, multiple sources of power are used. Both a combustion engine, as well as an electric motor, is used in the car. Radio waves, liquid nitrogen and electromagnetic fields are also used as a source of power for these cars. They emit fewer greenhouse gases and the engine last longer than the conventional cars.

Save money on fuel

In the biodiesel cars, various forms of vegetable oils are used for producing energy, but these oils are processed prior to use. These cars help you to save money as the fuel is less expensive, and you can also get for free at times. Another car in the list is the one that uses ethanol as fuel, and this is extracted from starch corps. Only fifteen percent fuel used in this car is unleaded gasoline, and the rest is ethanol thus the emissions are safe for the environment. Increase in the use of both of these cars shall lead to a dependency on farming and reduces the import of fuel import by country.

Use of natural gas

Both compressed and liquefied form of natural gas is used in the cars that use natural gas for fuel. In comparison to the cars that use gasoline, these cars cost less. The source of natural gas is constant, and it is unlikely that you will face any scarcity in due course of time. Even maintenance of these cars is easy and does not incur many expenses. In the last couple of years, there has been a remarkable surge in the sale of these cars. Depending on your need, you can choose the one that has less adverse effect on the atmosphere.

Author Bio: Luke Cooper is an environmentalist. In his recent blogs, he has mentioned how car owners can contribute to reduce pollution. One way is to purchase eco- friendly cars, and the other step is cash for cars, in order to get rid of your old car. To know more click here.

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