Recycle Your Old Car And Save The Earth’s Steel Reserves

The sight of your dear car being dismantled to different parts in the junkyard is very painful and heart wrenching. If your old car has lost its use and is standing idly in the backyard of your house, then the best thing that you can do is to recycle it. In the automobile arena, old vehicles or the ones rejected by the owners serve as the supply of various spare parts, and these have a big role in the dismantling industry. In different parts of the world as well as in the country, this industry has different names, but the basic function remains the same.

Though, recycling of old cars has always prevailed, but in the last few years, a remarkable surge has been noticed in this business.Recycle different componentsIf you are wondering about the need of recycling the cars, then the first answer would be it reduces the space crunch and makes a place for new cars. Recycling of cars has turned out to be of lucrative in nature. These cars are out of commission, but they have the capacity to give back the metal and other components that were used, to manufacture them. The car is shredded, and metal components are sent to the steel mill for recycling the same. Almost sixty five percent of the car is manufactured of steel.

The other residues of the shredding process are polymers and different other metals. Crushers are used to reduce the size of these cars, so that it can be transported easily to a steel mill.Earn from your old carYou can earn considerably from recycling your old car. You can contact a local dealer of the genre we buy any car. Make sure that they have a good reputation. Contact those, who deal with their clients directly and do not have any middleman. Prior to selling, you need to assess the value of your car, based on the prevailing trend of the market.

This helps to negotiate with the dealer. Dealers also undertake an assessment of the car and if you are in agreement with the price quoted by them, then can even offer you cash immediately. Transporting the car, might seem a problem to you. Dealers often have provision of towing the car and transporting to the junkyard, for recycling it. You can take their help in this regard.Large portion of steel is extractedRecycling of cars also has good impact on the nature and its resources. Steel that is extracted through recycling process saves energy and is cheap, as you do not have to extract it from mines. The methodologies used in recycling these cars are cost effective. Approximately, seventy percent of the components of the car are recycled through this process.

It has been reported that around 14 million tons of steel is provided to the steel industry through recycling of old vehicles. Out of the total steel that is produced almost twenty five percent of it is from a recycled source. Thus, it also contributes to the industrial infrastructure of the world.Safety measures takenTo ensure that hazardous materials are not exposed to the environment and that they do not affect the environment, various part of the car is checked thoroughly by the dealers.

Engines, batteries of the cars are minutely checked and the fluid used in the car is drained out carefully. After these are inspected and removed, then the recycling process is initiated. Until a decade ago mercury was also extracted out of these cars, before the cars were shredded or crushed. The recyclers and dealers adhere to the highest standards during the process of recycle. While contacting a dealer or a recycler, make sure that they are insured and licensed as per the government rules. Government of different countries had undertaken different initiatives, to reduce carbon footprint and enhance recycling of cars.Author Bio: Brandon White is in the automobile industry for more than two decades. He has witnessed a surge in the industry of recycling cars.

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