Top 3 EV-Friendly Cities

The future is depending on electric vehicles (EVs) for emissions and pollutant reductions. EVs are on our roadways now, but total EV adoption will require more widespread support systems. City and regional EV deployment efforts are underway across the U.S., but the following cities are EV-friendly and support sustainable modes of transportation.

EV-Friendly Cities

EV support systems are more than just public charging stations. EV-friendliness includes public and corporate charging stations, easy availability of permits for charging stations, quick charge stations, comprehensive planning for EV-supported structures, and collaboration on EV implementation.

The number of charging stations in a city is the first measure of how EV-friendly it is. Other indicators include green car availability, local government support and promotion, the number of EVs driven in the city, and other green efforts supported by the city.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco has 41 EV charging stations. The city has developed the San Francisco Clean Cities Coalition (SFCCC) to advance green initiatives not only in San Francisco, but across the nation. San Francisco's goal is to have 200,000 EVs driving in the city by 2015 and offer incentives for EV drivers, including free charging through 2013, car pool lane stickers for EV drivers, and rebates and tax credits for EV ownership. The city also has a zero waste initiative to prevent waste, promote recycling and composting, and educate about safe handling of toxic products.

Los Angeles, California

Photo by Mariordo via Wikimedia Commons

Los Angeles has 45 EV charging stations. Also, its Sustainability Initiative involves the community with public and private programs led by the mayor’s office. The Los Angeles Clean Cities Coalition and Clean Fuel Policy have led to the city’s impressive fleet, including almost 5,000 alternative fuel vehicles.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is part of the EV Project and is developing an active EV charging infrastructure to promote electric vehicles. Its sustainability efforts include improving vehicle efficiency and reducing the city’s transportation footprint with transportation choices such as walking, biking and transit. reveals 33 EV charging stations in Seattle. The city has added 44 EVs to its fleet since 2011. Seattle’s Office of Sustainability and Environment promotes climate protection, green building, waste and toxins reduction, and greener government.

If you want to know more about EV-friendly cities and how your state compares to others, check out A Roadmap to Climate-Friendly Cars: 2013. Learn more about Volt and Spark vehicles by visiting your local Chevrolet dealership, from Phoenix to Maine.

Photo of charging station in front of City Hall by Mariordo via Wikimedia Commons

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