Frey's Organic Wine - Two of our favorite things!

We know you love organic products and we know you love wine! When you mix them both together, you get Frey's! And what a combination it is.

As America's first organic and the first certified Biodynamic® winery, their succulent spirits are made in one of the most beautiful regions in the world, California's Mendocino County. With deep Redwood forests, the powerful Russian River and majestic ocean cliffs, it is the ideal place to vacation and spend time at the vineyard to do some serious taste testing. And don't forget to take a few cases of your favorites home with you.

This third-generation family owned winery makes sure that their wines are made with no sulfites. The rumor is that when you drink wines with no sulfites, that you don't get hangovers - a double bonus. But you'll have to let us know if that rumor is true as we haven't given it the full hangover test yet.

So go ahead and drink up without the guilt knowing that you are enjoying great wine that is also better for your health and better for the environment. If you are interested in finding some Frey’s near you or want to visit their winery, check out their website by clicking here. We think you’ll love it and have a great time!

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