Make Green the color of your Roadtrip!

Green Travel and Vacations
The words sustainable and road trip aren't often used in the same sentence. Being conscious of the effect your actions have on the environment is the first step to being sustainable. A little planning can make all the difference between a sustainable roadtrip and a rash one. Read on to see how to enjoy a roadtrip while reducing your impact on Mother Nature:

Plan ahead

As dreamy as it sounds to turn on the ignition and drive wherever the road leads, conscientious road tripping begins with planning the route well. Stick to the main highways and avoid crowded inner city roads. This will ensure you don’t waste fuel navigating traffic. Instead of planning detours to take in the local sights, plan rest stops at places where you can hike to the sightseeing locations. When you’re on the road stick to the route map and make the GPS your best friend to avoid getting lost and wasting precious fuel.

Rent smart

The car you own might not always be the most efficient for a long road trip. Instead of driving your city car, rent a car more suitable for long distances instead. Keep the mileage in mind and opt for a hybrid car. The color of the car makes a difference as well. If you’re planning a summer road trip, opt for a white or silver car. The color will reflect the sunlight and keep the interiors a little cooler than darker cars. Naturally cooler interiors means less need for the air conditioner! Don’t be tempted into renting a bigger car than you need.

Pack shrewdly

For a sustainable road trip, it is essential you pack smartly. Maintain a balance between packing only the essentials and packing everything you need so you do not need to buy extra supplies on your trip. The lighter you pack, the less weight carried in the car and the better the mileage. Carry enough snacks and drinking water. Wherever possible get rid of the store packaging at home and carry food supplies in airtight containers. If you plan to picnic along the way, carry crockery that can be washed and reused instead of paper plates.

Drive carefully

One of the golden rules of planning a roadtrip is to get your car tuned properly before setting off. If need be, change your tires before setting out. The last thing you need on a roadtrip is a flat tire. While on the road, stay within the speed limits for both your sake and the environment’s. Driving at a constant speed burns far less fuel when compared to sudden acceleration and braking.


Leave as many electronic devices back home as possible. Instead, carry travel games, books and a library of stories in your head waiting to be retold. What makes a roadtrip memorable is the scenic beauty along the way, so soak it in. Every sunset you miss while staring into a screen is one sunset that will never repeat itself.

There is no age limit for a roadtrip. Every roadtrip, from your first to the last, will be a unique experience filled with beautiful memories. All it takes is to be a little careful so that you aren’t the last person to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature.

Happy travels!

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