Eco/Green Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

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Besides their ease of use and time saving benefits, digital menu boards are quickly gaining popularity in the hospitality industry thanks to their many other advantages and benefits over the previously common printed paper menus. A majority of restaurants that want to stand out are implementing their use so that they can also be able to run their service provision smoothly and more profitably.

Although many business people fear change and especially if it is technology-related, digital signage technology seems to excite even the most technologically challenged restaurant owner. There are many reasons for this but we will only highlight a few of them below.

Benefits of Using DoPublicity’s Signage Menu Boards over Printed Paper Menus

Ease of Menu Management

Unlike printed paper menus where you had to print out new menus if you had, say, a special offer for your customers, digital menu boards allows you to update your menu instantly by just a few button clicks. The software behind this technology also allows managing the menu displayed in all your restaurant outlets and you can be sure that they will all display the same pricing structure and offers. At the same time, your operations manager in the restaurant does not need to have any technical skills to operate the digital signage. It is as easy as just point and click. It also works on all operating systems (Windows, Mac., etc.).

Localized Operations

To manage multiple menu displays on different screens, including screens in a restaurant premise located several miles away, you do not need to be physically present there. DoPublicity’s digital menu boards for restaurants allow you to remotely operate and control all the point of displays from a single location. If there are any changes needed to match a certain branch in your restaurant network, then you can grant permissions to the relevant users to modify the menus accordingly.

Great Interface and Multiple Templates

DoPublicity’s menu boards come with awesome user interfaces that reduce the learning curve greatly. This means that you and your restaurant staff spend less time learning how to use the digital menus but spend more time perfecting the displays. At the same time, these menu boards come with numerous templates, which allow you to make choices and to deploy the ideal menu displays with ease and speed.

Sleek, Advanced and Attractive

Besides the usability ease, these digital menus are also very sleek. They allow your restaurant to look classy. This alone earns you loyal customers. It also brings in high end customers, thus allowing you to even up your profit margin on your products/services.

Technology Compliance

If you have noticed in the modern times, everyone is using a smart device. Mobile phones, tablets and other digital tools have become the standard in everyday running of business and personal affairs. People have gone completely paperless. By the simple act of switching from traditional printed paper menus for your restaurant to this new digital signage menu boards technology, you will have automatically endeared yourself to the current generation. People will feel more comfortable eating at your place instead of your competitor’s place that still uses paper menus.

Need I say more? Get your digital menu boards for restaurants from today and get an instant business make-over for instant profitability boost.

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