Creating a Competitive Edge through Green Technology Financing

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Tsunami in the Pacific, Earthquake in Japan, Avalanches in the Alps and floods in the Philippines - what do all these climatic catastrophes have in common? According to the Natural Hazards and Earth System (NHES), the world is suffering due to climatic change.

These disasters are due to environmental degradation, which is the reason there is emphasize of green technology in modern business.

Green Financing in Brief

As an entrepreneur, you might be wondering what your business has to do with the environment. The answer is everything. Whatever industry you are in, you must be using raw materials from the environment. Moreover, your manufacturing processes could affect the ecosystem.

This is where green technology comes in to ensure more sustainable business practices. However, as a small business executive, you might find it expensive to secure financing for such operations. Green financing is all about funding your business in order to incorporate sustainable business practices in all operations.

You can get such funding from the government, non-governmental organizations dealing with energy efficiency and private financial institutions such as banks. When you visit platforms such as, you get comprehensive details of such financing and even interact with businesses capitalizing on the same.

Some of the green projects that you can integrate into your business whatever type it is include:

  • Invest in clean energy: Instead of using ordinary power sources, you can leverage on solar or wind powered energy. This will save you a lot of money in the long run and you will enjoy government incentives among other benefits. More importantly, you will be aiding in environmental conservation.

  • Energy efficient technology: Your old machinery in industrial set up or even in the office contributes to carbon emissions. What’s more, they are not energy efficient. With environmentally friendly printers, photocopiers and other equipment, your energy consumption will go down.

  • Efficient business practices: Wastage in business is common and your company can train staff to be conscious about the environment. You can get financing for consultancy services in order to train every employee about green living.

  • Green building: Traditional business premises were not set up with the environment in mind. As such, they do not have optimization for green living. You can get financing to retrofit your building or renovate it to reduce wastage in space while also investing in clean energy and building materials.

When looking for funding remember to consider your needs first. It is easy to come about these funds but remember you have to assess the value of the investment. What’s more, make sure every part of the financing is clear to you before you sign the dotted line.

More importantly, ensure you work with credible institutions that will monitor every part of the projects including energy audits to ascertain funds are meeting the business objective. In essence, there are many ways to use green financing in revolutionizing your business.

At the end of the day, you will enjoy cost-saving and operational efficiency. This will in turn put you ahead of competition in your niche as more customers are buying from companies promoting green living.

There you have it - investing in green technology is a sure way of creating a competitive edge in modern business.

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