4 Ways to Make Your Car Title Loan Business Eco/Green Friendly

If you have a business selling financial services including loans, you are in a very good position to be able to protect the environment and be of service to your local community by providing essential financial services.

If, for example, you provide car title loans in San Jose, you may already know that the state of California has a very aggressive portfolio for renewable standards, in fact one of the most aggressive in the country.

It will be in your interest to align your business with your states standards by pursuing an eco/green friendly mentality. Below are some ideas that you can incorporate in your car title loan business.

1. Go digital and avoid paper

Most paper that we use in an office setting ends up either cluttering our offices, but it mostly ends up in landfills. By reducing the amount of paper you use you can greatly contribute to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases used to produce paper, destroy it when in landfills or convert it for alternative use.

Technology is making it easier and easier to go green by going digital. Try using a laptop with a stylus and use soft copies of documents that can be annotated, signed and filled in electronically.

This will not only save you more money, but make you more efficient as a car title loans business.

2. Leveraging on online business makes financial sense

By taking advantage of the many online services and products, you can further boost the productivity of your business. Try using more online or internet marketing instead of the traditional marketing that involves a lot of print media.

In fact, most of your potential car title loan clients are actually pursuing the car title loans over the internet. Why not make the process an efficient and effective way to promote your business online while contributing to a healthy and green environment.

3. Make use of cloud computing

Make use of CRMs and ERPs to further make your business efficient in communications, logistics and other aspects of business. These systems are usually cloud based which means that you can access any and all information as you require from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

It will be easier to share files and follow up on any work from anywhere at the click of a few buttons.

4. Do a green check in your premises

Use efficient and green products in your office and consider the below;

  • Use LED bulbs

  • Use bottles instead of throw away cups for coffee and water

  • Recycle

  • Grow some plants in your premises

  • Use energy efficient computers and monitors at your office

It will definitely take time for you to adopt a green/eco mentality, but with some patience and persistence, you could have an environmentally friendly business. Another advantage that can appeal to your business sense is that you can actually make cost savings or enhance your business and thus improve your bottom line. Who doesn’t want that, right?

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