Keeping Your Family Warm on a Budget

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Tell me you have the early morning blues and you'll be one of thousands to feel the same way. Getting out of a warm, cosy bed and exposing delicate skin to what seems like an arctic blast would probably test the hardiest of polar bears.

It was so cold the other morning in my bedroom that my false teeth were chattering in the glass on my bedside cabinet. Seriously though, I knew I had to do something but what?

It is expensive enough what with seemingly never ending rising energy costs and income not keeping pace with rising costs and inflation. The last thing I wanted to do was to have to switch the heating on half an hour before wakeup call. When family budgets are restricted, cutting down on heating costs is an instant fix, yet it comes at a cost to home comfort.

Help needed pronto

What did we do before the invention of the Internet? With the help of Google and a few searches later, I was able to find information about what is known as the Energy Company Obligation. This is an energy efficiency programme which emerged in early 2013. It works in collaboration with The Green Deal; see how much you can save and what the benefits are sooner rather than later.

What you get

The Green Deal can, depending on your personal circumstances, deliver energy efficiency improvements to your home. For your home to qualify for free home energy saving improvements, you’ll need to have:

  • Inefficient, ineffective or no insulation (loft or cavity walls)

  • Inefficient boiler, one which is at least seven years old

  • Receipt of certain government benefits (you or a family member)

  • You live in a defined post code area

Even if you do not have any of the aforementioned qualification items, you can still qualify for assisted improvements. You will have to pay for them of course, but this will be via fixed instalments which are added on to your future energy bills.

Wasted heat, wasted money

Did you know that for every three pounds you spend on heating a home, without efficient insulation, one pound is wasted? As your energy costs go ‘through the roof’ as prices rise, so too will that heat continue to go through the roof.

Now is as good a time as any to start the ball rolling. At the time of writing we have, here in the UK at least been blessed with a mild winter - so far. However, that’s not to say it is going to last. Any energy efficiency improvements you make now will immediately begin delivering positive results in real time energy cost savings.

Check out the Green Deal overview today and see what help is available to make energy efficient changes to your home. A click of a mouse is simple and certainly much better than suffering chattering teeth, icy arctic blasts and uncontrollable energy costs.

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