Government Jobs That Will Have You Green With The Environment

Government Jobs That Will Have You Green With The Environment.jpg

Your car, check!

Your food, check!

Your cleaning products, check!

Your job, what?

Going green is a movement that’s only continuing to grow. According to a 2013 HuffPost/YouGov poll, “39 percent of respondents said it was very important, while 41 percent said it was fairly important and 16 percent said it was not too important. . .to work to restore and enhance the national environment.”

More people are getting more concerned will how their lifestyles, holistically can improve to better conserve resources and promote sustainability. Being that half and sometimes more than half our time is spent at work, it makes sense to question the consciousness of that aspect of our lives.

So which government jobs carry out the greenest daily practices? Here are the top four.

Biological and Environmental Sciences

A job in the biological and environmental sciences is literally to conserve natural habitats and to study ways to make the world more efficient and sustainable. According to, some examples of positions include: “As a research fishery biologist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, you can work aboard a scientific research vessel in the North Pacific Ocean collecting ichthyoplankton samples. You could also develop innovative military biotechnologies as a microbiologist for Army Intelligence and Security Command.”


A lawyer's’ job is conducted in two main ways: verbally and through paperwork. In the digital age, much of that paperwork and file saving has been converted to PDFs and digital files, making this an extremely eco-friendly job. Some examples of legal jobs in government include: public defenders, a federal workers comp lawyer, state attorney, legal assistant, patent examiner and much more.

Administrative and Clerical Services

Administrative and clerical services require little transportation and uses a minimal amount of resources. With that many government buildings are leading by example and becoming green certified with LED light fixtures and using recycled building materials. Examples of some of these positions include, “program analysts and human resource managers to secretaries and facility managers. For example, civilian program analysts at the Department of the Navy ensure projects remain on budget. Surface maintenance specialists with the Department of the Army analyze problems with military equipment maintenance, according to

Business and Finance

Business jobs in 2015 are done almost completely digitally, with the exception of client and co worker meetings and interactions. Business and finance jobs also produce a minimal amount of waste. The government also contracts a lot of business and finance work, making the need for less space and resources even more environmentally friendly. Some examples of business and finance jobs include jobs like “Contracting specialists at the Department of Defense ensure that our troops in the field are well-equipped with the tools they need. Financial examiners at the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau enforce laws against abusive banking practices. Accountants, auditors, and budget analysts across the government closely monitor taxpayer dollars to reduce waste,” according to


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