Reasons to visit North India During the Summer

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Plan a hassle free and embalming summer holiday this year in India. Summers are fast thumping at the door and holidays are also just around the corner. It is that time of the year when you plan an unforgettable getaway to a captivating destination to get rid from the shackles of a chaotic lifestyle and cherish pleasurable memories. For the tourists looking to pamper their taste buds by savoring the lip-smacking cuisines from different ranges of India, adventure buffs in need of engrossing adventure to feel great adrenaline rush and photographers driving through the picture perfect valleys and mountains area. Holidays in this season are nothing less than a refreshing escape. If you are still confused and looking for the reasons to travel in the summers to North India, then the following points can help you to make up your mind:

  • Visit some of the best hotels in India at a best possible value: This summer enjoy the grace and grandeur of some of the India’s premium luxury hotels at the best possible value. All the enthusiastic travelers can indulge and experience the best luxury options this summer on their planned North India Tour Package.

  • Discover the Himalayas: Travelers who believe India is comprised solely of Rajasthan will discover an exclusive side of the country when visiting the foothills of the Himalayas during their North India Tour Package this summer.

In winter, Ladakh region of India’s remote northern state is a taciturn, solitary, and forbidding mountain kingdom. But during summers, flowers blossom and the travelers return to appreciate the desolate landscapes and traditional Indian, Tibetan, and Central Asian cultures. Leh, the region’s capital, has some of the best treks in India. The very accessible palace and royal monastery, Namgyal Tsemo Gompa, is a great place to watch the sun rise over the Himalayas.

  • Get drenched and sing in the rain: Monsoon is an exceptional time of year in India. This summer in the period of your Holiday Tour to India enjoy the beautiful rain which brings respite from the blazing heat of early summer and a symbol of abundance, vigor, and recklessness. Bollywood film lovers can get soaked in the rain and dramatize some of their favorite scenes. The monsoons lighten up the hearts of farmers, children, lovers, and just about everyone else.

  • Take a tour to some of the famous National Parks: For wildlife enthusiasts, May and June are the perfect times of the year to spot the famous royal Bengal tiger.


The elusive animal stays closer to the water to stay cool during these months, and is more easily seen. Take a jungle drive through the Tiger Reserves while staying some of the popular luxurious resorts. Enjoy the wilderness and relax in the magnificence and luxury of the resorts during you North India Tour Package.

  • Chill at the Hill Station: This summer find your best holidays in the foothills of Himalayas. During the supremacy of the British Raj, the foreign rulers fled to the hill stations to escape the inflammable heat of the plains. Shimla, in the modern state of Himachal Pradesh, was the Queen of Hill Stations. It was from this small hilltop town that the British ruled fully one-fifth of humanity. Today, travelers in Shimla enjoy the phlegmatic vibe, the deep-rooted buildings, and spectacular views of the Himalayas is something naïve. Don’t miss high tea at the elegant, century-old Oberoi Cecil Hotel. Shimla is a taste of old English days in the Himalayas.

  • Experience the Ecstasy: Summer monsoon season is the best time for Ayurvedic treatment in India. This time in the midst of your Holiday Tour to India experience the bliss and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Ayurveda, which means science of life. It is the age-old system of Indian health care that seeks to restore health through the use of herbs, lifestyle advice, cleansing methods, and most importantly bliss-inducing oil massages. Kerala, in southern India, is a sultry paradise on the Arabian Sea, and the best place for Ayurvedic treatments in India. Ayurvedic resorts, from the pastoral to the luxurious, line the shores between white sand beaches and palm tree forests and offers a relaxing break as well as genuine treatments.

Now that you must have made up your mind and got some idea about the benefits of taking a break to the captivating destinations this summer, now is the time to set yourself in a mood for the your summer vacation.

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