Top 5 Most Interesting Solar Projects In The World

Solar Tent by Kaleidoscope

Solar power is one of the renewable resources naturally occurring in the world today. With the advancement of technology and research, experts have employed various ways to tap this form of energy. Here are some solar projects in the world today that you might find interesting:

  • Solar Powered Drones

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have various applications in the modern world. From military surveillance to photography, drones are fast becoming real assets that can no longer be overlooked. A normal electric powered drone only offers minutes of flight time whereas those that are jet fuel powered can fly for hours but will need a refuel. In order to create a drone with a perpetual flight time, the Airbus Company came up with a lightweight solar powered design, Zephyr. It runs on solar power in daytime and on battery at night.

This drone is built for high altitude pseudo-satellite applications. In other words, it can serve as a local satellite operating at 20 km altitude. This innovation brings with it efficient applications in surveillance and communications. With commercial production expected in 2017, the Zephyr design is likely to be improved to provide more efficient performance.

  • Solar Powered Smartphone

The idea of a solar powered mobile phone is not new. Maybe, you are aware of the 2009 Samsung Guru E1107 specifically built for clients in developing world. It provides 10 minutes talk time when solar charged for one hour. Its design is what you would ordinarily expect, with the solar panel attached on its back side.

Now, imagine a solar powered Smartphone which is fitted with the solar Photovoltaic film on its screen! Well, this is mind boggling but Kyocera has hacked it. In 2015, they unveiled a prototype of this phone which is likely to hit the market soon. The solar power harnessing films are placed in between the LCD and touch screen giving the device a normal look of any other Smartphone in the market.

It comes with a software that monitors the level of charging. It is also efficient as three minutes of charging offers you one minute talk time. Other details of its functionalities are not available in public domain but to consumers, the idea is thrilling especially to those who frequent remote areas.

  • The Dye Solar Technology

Most of the small devices used at home or offices such as remote controls and computer mice are battery powered. Well, this is likely to change soon with the introduction of dye solar cell technology. This is a major advancement from the semiconductor photovoltaic cell as we know it.

Discovered 20 years ago by Professor Michael Graetzel, dye solar cells are cheap and highly efficient. According to an Israeli company, this innovation is so efficient that it can power devices that are indoors without the need for direct sunlight. They have also managed to design the smallest and most efficient dye solar cell ever.

This makes the application of this technology limitless. Any small devices that use batteries such as smart watches and bracelets, cameras, toys, medical testing equipment, et cetera, are likely to be affected. This sounds exciting as you will be able to use a device without ever buying batteries in its lifetime.

With regard to solar projects aimed at powering buildings, the attractive dye solar cells are likely to replace the expensive and unattractive silicon panels. You will be able to choose the colors you need for your building.

  • Solar Tents

Do camping expeditions fascinate you? Well, things are getting even better with the Kaleidoscope solar tent concept. In this case, solar power harnessing surfaces are built to blend well with the tent fabric as opposed to setting independent panels. The fact that the solar energy collecting surfaces can be stretched over the whole fabric, it gives this tent a unique design that ensures optimum harvesting of sunshine.

The tent also comes with a wireless power hub which you can use to connect electronic gadgets such as phones, music systems, et cetera. It also has a self-heating feature to provide warmth to campers at night. So, camping doesn’t have to take you back to Stone Age after all. But for now, you will stick to your old tent before this top-notch camping shelter is available in the market.

  • Ion5 Tooth Brush

Every time you hear about oral hygiene the first thing that comes to your mind is probably toothpaste and a brush. Well, how about cleaning your teeth with a brush that does not need toothpaste? Ion5 is leading the way by utilizing solar power to give you a bright smile.

The toothbrush has a solar panel that when exposed to light generates electrons that are passed to an antibacterial titanium dioxide head. The negatively charged ions break down food remains and bacteria on your teeth and gums leaving you with a gleaming smile. This product has been proven to be clinically safe and is already in the market. Well, now you know. You can use the sun to clean your mouth better than before!

The future looks bright and exciting as more solar products continue to hit the market.

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