Water Conservation in the Home

Every day, we use gallon after gallon of water at home and while a lot of its usage is essential, we probably don’t need to use as much of it as we usually do. Every time we turn on the washing machine with a half-load or leave the faucet running while brushing our teeth or shaving, we are squandering a lot of water that could be far better used elsewhere. While the occasional bath is OK, constantly choosing a bath over a quick shower is another way in which gallons of water are wasted.

The infographic below from Nature’s Water (www.natureswater.ie) tells people how they can cut down on their water usage at home, with a range of handy tips that are easy to implement and won’t cost much in terms of finances or enjoyment. Even a few small changes here and there could save a lot of water and, quite possibly, some money on your utility bills as well.

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