Plant-based meal delivery options - Veestro and HungryRoot

Veestro vegan plant-based meal delivery

Many people are working to add more plant-based meals into their diets to be healthier and more gentle on the environment. And, more people are going vegan or vegetarian than ever before.

If you are interested in heading down any of these paths but don't know how to create delicious and nutritious meals on your own, starting with meal delivery options gives you a way to have convenient and master-chef prepared meals that are sure to please!

Two of our favorite options are Veestro (click here to get a $35 discount on your first order) and HungryRoot (click here to get a $15 discount on your first order).

I am the vegan in the family, but my husband and son are not. So finding plant-based meals that they love too is a must. Thankfully, they LOVE meals from both Veestro and HungryRoot. There are a few key differences between the two so we actually order from both so we can add extra variety. One month, I will use one and the next, the other.

Veestro exclusively has 100% vegan and plant-based meals. One of the things that I love (in addition to the taste and quality) is that they come frozen. This lets me stock up my freezer and use the meals whenever I want. After a long or busy day, it gives me such peace of mind knowing that I can have an extremely easily prepared and healthy meal ready for my family. Plus, they have great comfort food options like Country Fried Chick'n so going plant-based is easier to transition. Veestro offers a-la-carte or subscription options where you choose the items you want delivered.

HungryRoot Meal Delivery Kits

HungryRoot is different from Veestro in that they offer other kinds of meals other than plant-based and their food comes fresh, ready to be put into your refrigerator. They also are purely subscription based but you can choose to skip any weeks that you want. In addition, you create your "food profile" letting them know the things you do or don't like and they will curate a menu for you. Preparing the food is very simple and fast and includes things like sautéing the pre-packaged items or making the rice. The preparation is therefore a little more involved than Veestro. The food is delicious and it has allowed us to try things that we wouldn't have even known we would like. On the one hand, having the food arrive fresh is good, however, that also means it will spoil if not prepared on time. I have had the occasional busy weeks where I just wasn't home enough for dinner to use them all. Lesson learned - order them on weeks when you will be able to best use them.

The bottom line is that there is no better time with easier ways to add plant-based meals to your diet. Here's to your health and delicious eating!

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