Simple Sustainability Practices for Small Business Owners

Perhaps you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, and you’re interested in ensuring that your business operations are sustainable and eco-friendly. But you just don’t know where to begin. Here’s how to identify sustainable possibilities and shrink your business’s environmental impact while making a positive impression on your customers, presented by EcoChamber.

Get Motivated

If you’ve been sitting on an eco-friendly business idea for a while, you might need a little encouragement to get in gear! While it’s important to consider the inherent risks of entrepreneurship, sometimes you just need to set your fears aside and take the plunge - there will never be a perfect time to launch a business, so why not do it now?

As you attend to the legal aspects of business ownership, you’ll likely want to form your business as an LLC, or Limited Liability Company. That offers certain tax benefits and legal protections. And setting one up is fast and simple if you submit your paperwork to an online formation service. They will help you meet all of your state’s requirements for filing on a quick timeline.

Avoid Potential Drawbacks

Making sustainable choices for your business can be costly if you aren’t careful. If you want to avoid losing profits when you prioritize sustainability, it’s important to work closely with a knowledgeable accountant to monitor your budget and create realistic financial projections. As you research new eco-friendly suppliers, compare prices to keep the costs of developing new products down. Make sure that you’re marketing to a target audience that truly understands and appreciates the unique value of your business. And finally, stay on top of administrative work - if you’re spending more on sustainable materials and services, you can’t afford to be disorganized.

Evaluate Your Supply Chain

You can reduce your environmental impact by changing your approach to supply chain management. Chances are, you’ll be able to find lots of opportunities to be more eco-friendly throughout your supply chain.

To develop a more sustainable supply chain, NetSuite recommends researching eco-friendly water and energy procurement, eliminating the use of unnecessary products, materials, or processes, and connecting with suppliers who can design your products with upcycling and reuse in mind. You may want to include sustainability guidelines in contracts with suppliers, and you’ll also need to track key sustainability metrics to ensure that you’re meeting your goals.

Reduce Waste

While transforming your supply chain can be complex, there are some simple steps you can take right now to reduce waste in your business. For instance, you can set up a company recycling or composting program and educate employees on your new waste management processes. You can also swap out single-use packaging for recyclable or compostable packaging! Some popular eco-friendly packaging options include recycled cardboard, upcycled plastic, or even materials made from seaweed or mushrooms.

Highlight the Benefits

There are plenty of consumers who want to patronize eco-friendly businesses, and the right marketing strategy can help you connect with them. Factory Direct Promos recommends highlighting your sustainability goals and achievements, handing out eco-friendly freebies like reusable water bottles with your company logo, and partnering up with environmental nonprofits to work on joint projects or events. You can also include eco-labels on your products or packaging, such as the recycling sign. This is a great way to improve your company’s social impact.

Doing business sustainably doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated. In fact, implementing these changes can be both exciting and fulfilling! These tips can also ensure that your business stays ahead of the curve and actually benefits long term from sustainable practices.

If you need to level up marketing for your green business, look to EcoChamber’s green business market analysis. We can help you find what’s working and what isn’t, so you can revise and restrategize. Fill out our form today!

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