The Everglades is beautiful, exotic and in need of help

The Florida Everglades is the only ecosystem of its kind in the world. This natural wonder brims with beauty and wonders that make visiting it a joy every time as you never know what you will see. Alligators, anhingas, cranes, turtles and more make each visit unique.

The health of the Everglades is not only critical to the well-being of the animals that live within it, but it is also critical to those who live in Florida and beyond. The Everglades Foundation is the world's largest organization with the mission of protecting and preserving this habitat. Whether it be from educating and inspiring students through learning opportunities or through advocating to local and global leaders, they continue to do so much to ensure this world treasure is healthy now and into the future.

We encourage you to visit and support The Everglades Foundation to learn more.

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